The BX Antitoxin is an exclusive Hope4Cancer non-toxic anticancer fighting agent that has quickly become one of our leading treatment options.  The concept of this treatment is based on an almost century-old concept that cancers can be caused by the pathogenic transformation of a microbe, known as the "stealth bacterium" that causes a shutdown of normal cell processes, leading to malignancy and cancerous activity.   In the earlier part of the 20th century, a group of pioneering scientists researched the concept they named “pleomorphism”, wherein a bacterial cell could dramatically change its shape, size and function, potentially enabling pathogenic effects.  The debate between monomorphism and pleomorphism raged intensely, largely because pleomorphic forms could not be cultured or reproduced in the laboratory even though they have been observed.  Using purely optical microscope technology, Rife was able to view pleomorphic forms of bacteria, and identified the cancer "microbe".  While controversy mires this field of research to the extent that books have been written about the subject, there is a growing acceptance of the role of pathogens in a variety of diseases that were normally not deemed to fall in the realm of "infectious" disease.  Cancer is not considered in the strict sense an "infectious" disease since it does not spread from person-to-person, but the association between microbes and cancer has been shown in numerous ways.

Medical research has clearly shown that microbes (viruses, bacteria, fungi, protozoans and other parasites) are connected to the genesis of many diseases, including cancer.  A report in Lancet Oncology declares that 16% of all cancers are caused by bacteria and viruses. Here are some clear examples and their causes: 

  • Cervical cancer is caused in part by the Human Papillomavirus (HPV).
  • Liver Cancers often arise as a result of hepatitis infections.
  • Gastric cancers are connected with ulcers that are, in turn connected to Helicobater pylori infections.
  • Anogenital Cancers (Penile, Vulva, Vagina, Anus):  HPV with or without HIV.
  • Nasopharyngeal Cancers:  Epstein-Barr virus (EBV).
  • Oropharyngeal Cancers: HPV
  • Kaposi's Sarcoma:  Human Herpes virus type 8 with or without HIV
  • Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma:  H. pylori, EBV, HCV, human T-cell lymphotropic virus type 1.
  • Hodgkin's Lymphoma:  EBV, with or without HIV
  • Bladder Cancer:  Schistosoma haematobium.

BX Antitoxin.  BX Antitoxin targets the pleomorphic stealth bacterium.  The stealth bacterium engages the pre-cancerous cellular mitochondria (the energy center of the cell), resulting in impaired ability to metabolize glucose and undergo apoptosis (regulated cell death).  Impaired glucose metabolism means that the cell now exists in highly acidic and anaerobic (low oxygen) conditions.  Impaired apoptosis lengthens the life of the cancer cells, allowing it to multiply over generations in its malignant form.  

The BX Antitoxin is a revolutionary new treatment that targets the alliance between the stealth bacterium and the cancer cell, systematically dismantling the microbe’s interaction with the cellular mitochondria.  As an energy catalyst, it succeeds in restoring normal mitochondrial function, allowing the cell to finally die through an apoptotic or necrotic pathway.  The effect of the BX Antitoxin spreads catalytically from cell to cell, similar to the way a forest fire grows out of a single ember.  This has been shown on numerous occasions as we have observed large tumors being systematically dismantled as a consequence of the BX action.

BX Antitoxin is effective for cancer patients at early stages all the way to those who require hospice care.  The treatment itself is simple, and involves an injection once every 1 to 3 weeks, depending on the severity of the disease.  

The first step for BX Antitoxin is apoptotic/necrotic death of the cancer cells.  Following that, the body goes through a process of eliminating die-off debris and toxins, recruitment of the body's immune system cells and finally tissue reconstruction.  Integration of BX treatment with the Seven Principles of Cancer Therapy allows for a complete whole body cancer treatment package.

BX Antitoxin is given as a standard therapy to patients who are being treated at Hope4Cancer Cancun, unless there are specific circumstances that interfere with the administration of the product, as determined by your Medical Team.

(Case manangement for the BX Antitoxin protocol is carried out by Delta Institute in alliance with Hope4Cancer Cancun and Hope4Cancer Institute).

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